Thai Saap Eatery+Shop

It was by a chance I discovered this authentic, halaal certified eatery, Thai Saap, on my first visit to Parrow Centre.  Thai Saap is located on the second floor, close to the food court.

I was just so glad to  experience a totally authentic Thai, from the staff to the food, to the ingredients they sell.

So I tried the Roasted Chili Paste Noodle with Cashew (Veggie R55, Chicken R65, Beef R75 Seafood R89), it was delish and more importantly is authentic, just like what we have in the east!

As I live in Southern suburb, this was my first visit to Parrow Centre, just to be followed by… second visit a week later! This time it was just because I felt like this authentic Thai! I also came back for the frozen fish balls that I add up to many type of stir fry.  The frozen veggie Thai pastry was also a treat for me for snack at home.

On my second visit, I tried their Sweet and Sour Stir Fry  served with jasmine rice (Veggie R49, Chicken R59, Beef R65 Seafood R89). My friend ordered Pad Thai Noodle (Veggie R49 Chicken R59 Beef R65 Seafood R85). The Pad Thai Noodle was a bomb! So authentic… I couldn’t stop eating from my friend’s order 🙂 I guess this is what their specialty is, Thai food. The Sweet and Sour, I wouldn’t recommend as probably I am used to the Chinese version. Therefore the Thai version of the Sweet and Sour here wasn’t that of my taste.

I love the special touch of Thai carving and cutting the carrots artistically on each dish.  I appreciate the afford despite it’s a fastfood kiosk.

There are some Indonesian foods too. Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice) and Mee Goreng (Fried Noodle). Some Curries and Singaporean dishes are on the menu.  Price wise was affordable. The only thing that all dishes are served in Styrofoam whether it’s dine in or takeaway. The man explained it’s to save water.  Well, a biodegradable packaging would be more appreciated. Especially for the saucy dishes, besides for the environment it’s also saver health wise considering the food was hot straight to the Styrofoam.

Thai Saap is more like take away shops. However there are 3 tables for those who would eat straight away and the food court tables are meters away.

Thai Saap Eatery + Shop (ICSA halaal certified)

021 930 3389

Second floor Parrow Centre

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