The Butcher’s Wife

We’ve finally got a chance to try the hips and happening fully halaal restaurant in Athlone,  The Butcher’s Wife (“TBW”). 

We meant to go to TBW for quite some time, but we have been hesitated after observing how full the restaurant from outside when we passed there. If you’ve known me by now, I love great food, but queuing for food is not my thing 🙂 So, one early evening when we were in the area and it seemed TBW wasn’t that full, we jumped into the opportunity! Here’s my review on our experience in TBW.

The Food and Drinks

Wow, the food was really enjoyable. I ordered the Beef Ribs (400 gr- R140) which came with garlic pita with a choice of french fries, sweet potatoes or garden salad.  I chose the sweet potatoes, my favorite. The ribs was 400 gr but I felt it was less? or maybe the case of bones was heavy.  You can choose between sticky BBQ or roasted chili basting. Seeing I was indecisive on my choice of basting, the lovely waiter suggested I took both sauce (in two separate ribs) which I did.

Hubby chose The Prego (R95), a grilled sirloin served with Prego sauce, lettuce, tomato and gherkin with creamy sauce served in ciabatta roll and a choice of French Fries, Sweet Potato Fries or Garden Salad.

The food and drinks were all well presented. The waiting period was decent.

Browsing around the menu, it’s a quite extensive and appetizing one. Ranged from breakfast menu to pizza, pasta, burger, salad, grills, steaks, baguette, antipasti, dessert, hot and cold beverages. The breakfast menu starts from 9.30-12.00. While the other menu starts as early as 9.30 or 10.00.

Their very own Pickers Butchery supplies all the meats and poultry. According to the menu, TBW serves steak from Blue to Medium Well. Therefore no well done option in the menu.

If it’s the options for steak… hmmm… I might not want to order the steak then. As I like my steak well done. Someone in their FB page commented in the review section regarding the steak being medium rare. TBW replied:

We are terribly sorry about your bad experience with us. Generally, when visiting a restaurant, it is up to the said restaurant to reserve the discretion in which they wish to serve their meals. Unfortunately we do not serve our thick-cut steaks well done since the longer your grill a steak, the more it dries out, toughens and becomes chewy. Actually, the way we see it is that a well done steak is a waste of a good piece of meat. We’d rather choose to serve our steaks only as far as medium well done as we feel that is best way to enjoy a good steak. Our menu offers steak options from Blue through to Medium well and not the well done option (there is no well done option stated) as well as ours waiters are instructed to inform the diner that well done is not an option at TBW.…”

Hm.. ok so, it is up to the restaurant to reserve the discretion …hmm..

Anyway, I love my Pina Colada mocktail (R40), so refreshing and hubs enjoyed his cappuccino (R30).

The Interior, Service and Ambience

I am impressed with the trendy interior with dark wall and furniture. The air conditioned was great in the heat of summer when I dined there. Which quite a pleasant one as it reminds me of restaurants in Asia that is well air conditioned.

The lay out of the tables and chair weren’t that great since the space was quite small. Therefore for next time I would order take away especially in the weekend. Plus, TBW doesn’t take a reservation.  A delivery service is available.

There are some tables outside, yet no one was sitting there when we came that evening. There was a sign that we must wait to be seated, yet there was no one to be seen in the entrance. I inquired with a waiter (male) I’d seen busy clearing up a table, if there was a table for us, he wasn’t seem to be impressed and quite inhospitable.  Luckily, he wasn’t the one that served us. We served by an attentive lady waiter (gosh, I forgot her name).  Her great service wrote off my first impression with the first waiter (male) that I’ve encountered.

Overall, great food and drinks. I would come back in weekday, maybe and take away in the week end.

The Butcher’s Wife (fully halaal)

15 Belgravia Rd
Cape Town
021 696 2007


Sunday – Thursday: 09:30am – 22:00

Friday: 09:30am – 12:30pm (Closed for Jumuah) 14:00 – 23:00

Saturday: 09:30 – 23:00

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