Mango Lassu R18.90) and Lamb Sheekh Kebab

So I’m glad that I came across this fully halaal eateries in N1 City, one of few fully halaal eateries in Northern Suburb, Tikkaways.

This casual eatery is perfect if you’d like to grab something quickly as Tikkaways offered “On The Go” menu of which all curries are ready to dish. As well as “Made on Request” curries.

My friend and I were a bit in a hurry on a shopping run, and glad that “From The Tandoor”  (R42.90- R49.90) meals were quite fast to serve!

My friend ordered a Chicken Tikka Kebab (R44.90) served with chips, salad and plain/garlic naan. I ordered a Lamb Sheekh Kebab (R49.90) which came with same sides. However as we don’t eat chips with Indian food, so that we asked the chips be excluded 🙂

We had some starters while waiting for the food, Chili bite, potato samoosa and potato vada (R3.5 each) and the lamb and chicken samoosas (R5 each), which were tasty.

Next time I’d like to try from the Specialties Curries (made on Request) (range from R34.90-R99.90), I know my hubby would enjoy the Paneer Butter Masala (R49.90) from its Vegetarian range and I’d love to try from the Seafood range or even Bretanis (R49.90-R59.90).  I know my boys would enjoy the Bunny Chows (R29.90-R54.90) or Salomies (R29.90-R54.90) or the Tandoori Wraps (R39.90-R44.90).  I’m glad that Kids Menu (R24.90-R29.90) is  catered so that my girl would enjoy her mild curry experience too!

When we came at early lunch time, some customers busy ordering some takeaways. However unlike the name suggested, there are a fair amount of chairs and tables around for sitting in. The interior is clean and neat.

tikkaways (halaal certified by ICSA)

021 595 0167

Shop 94-96

N1 Value Centre, Goodwood

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11 am-9pm


3 thoughts on “tikkaways”

  1. I work in the area and we often buy lunch there. Wish they had a bigger selection of desserts, especially soji and goolab jamun.

  2. Shukran Echi for always informing us about halaal foods and beauty places. You are amazing. May you always be the best muslim blogger. Ameen

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