Assalamualaikum and hi all,

I hope everyone is keeping warm in this weather and enjoying the last bits of Ramadan. I’d like to share pictures taken about a week before Ramadan, in a warm sunny winter morning. For the coffee date with close friends before Ramadan, I chose to wear mute color that elongated my figure. The boots really pulled the style together though!

“Come out of your comfort zone, you’ll find wonderful things out there!” (halaalife)

Following Eid is the start of long school holiday. In this essence, I’d like to share my thoughts on what traveling has taught me.

I may not travel as many as I wish nowadays. Due to the priority has shifted since I’d started a family.   I’ve fallen in love with traveling, experiencing different culture, since my first holiday trip overseas to Australia, when I was around 6. Since then, I’ve mid-term (a year) stays in three different countries and finally relocated from my country, Indonesia, to Cape Town, over 12 years ago.

Here is what traveling has taught me:

  • More easy going, adaptable and sociable.
  • Respect other cultures and appreciate my own culture.
  • More tolerant of other people belief, opinion and culture.
  • Become more open minded.
  • Grateful and thank Allah for the beauty of the world that He has created.

Til next time.

Wasalam 🙂

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