Zaika Thai

Ba Me Prik Phao

Finally I got a chance to try Zaika Thai.   It’s located right next to Zaika Tandoor in Kroomboom Rd, Crawford, where Thai Cafe Halaal used to be.

There are five tables of four seater where you can dine in and watch the chefs cook your meals. Plus of course smell the amazing aroma of the cooking. Mind you, it’s more for take-away or casual dining. As we need to order by the till and pay our order before we sit down and eat.

Currently Zaika Thai offers an Opening Specials as stated on the advertisement banner by the entrance: BUY 1 GET 1 FREE Offer valid  Tuesdays-Thursdays 11.00-16.00 max 2 per customers. My friend and I ordered chicken Ba Mee Prik Phoo (R89) and Sweet and Sour Chicken (R89) for our Opening Specials. Then we’ve been told that the extra meals will be packed as take away. It turned out that the specials only applied for the same dish. Eventually the man that took the order let us had two different dishes (at the cost of 1) for the Opening Specials.  So, even the poster didn’t state it, it must be the same meal (hence not only the same price) to enjoy the Specials 😉

From the Starters menu we ordered Crispy Wonton (R44), it’s minced chicken in a crispy wonton pastry served with sweet chili sauce. We expected that the starters would come prior to the main meal. Yet the starters came together with the meals. Oh well.. but we enjoyed the wonton so much although wished that there were more wonton on the plates instead of three 🙂 The sweet chili may have probably came from a bottle instead of freshly made.

We also enjoyed the Ba Me Prik Phao (R89). It’s just delicious and authentic. The serving was generous. I felt like I was eating this in my own country or in Singapore 🙂  So this dish is definitely the ones that I would order again.

The Sweet and Sour Chicken (R89) sauce could’ve been thicker though, but still ok. It’s probably just me, as I am of Asian native, I know the authentic Asian food quite well.

There are options of heat that you would like your dish to be. From mild to Thai style. So it suits me well, as I am more in the heat side.

The menu consists of Starters range from R44-R59. Soup  (Tom Yum, Suki Num, etc) from R47-R56. Salads (Som Tam Carrots, Salad Pak etc) from R44-R65. Curry (Green Curry, Massaman Curry etc) from R86-R109. Stir Fried Rice and Noodle and other Stir Fries, with tofu R86. with chicken R89, with beef R95 and with prawn R109. Chef’s Special Ba Mee Prik Phoo (from R86-R109). Duck dishes all R139. Desserts (banana fritter etc) R30-R45.

Zaika Thai (halaal – Muslim owner)

021 6969000

Kromboom Garden,  Kromboom Road Crawford

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